Fumiscope 5.1

Designed exclusively for fumigation work.

The Fumiscope version 5.1 is designed exclusively for fumigation work. In operation, it electrically pumps samples of air from the space being fumigated, into a sensing element. The concentration of fumigant gas in the air is shown on the digital display in ounces per 1000 cubic feet/GM3. Anyone who can read a digital watch can quickly make measurements with the Fumiscope. Two controls do all the adjusting. Air samples are collected through small tubes placed at critical spots prior to introducing the gas. You can place the tubes on one or more floors of a multistory structure over piles of grain on the inside of packages, etc. Tubes are extended to a convenient spot outside the fumigated area, gas is introduced, and readings taken periodically with the Fumiscope. You get continuous records of gas concentration at each tube inlet.

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