Used as a clearing device for VIKANE Gas

The GF1900 Vikane Analyzer is 13(330mm) x 7)178mm) x 9(228mm). The GFPS1297 AC Power supply and BP24V Battery pack are options for powering the GF1900. The BC1-24 charger is 5.5(140mm) x 3.3(84mm) x 3(76mm), and is used to charge the BP24V. It is switch selectable for 110 or 220 Vac. The battery pack is in a second case which is worn on opposite side from Vikane case when used. The GF1900 Analyzer and GFPS1297 Power supply can be placed in the same case for an overall size of 14(356mm) x 10 (254mm) x 10(254mm).

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