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Simple to Operate
Self Contained
Structural And Commodity Fumigation

Just because you put enough Fumigant Gas into a job is no assurance that all the gas is available for killing insects. You must know when and where there's enough gas to do the job where the leaks are occurring whether the gas is penetrating to all the insects. Knowing these things, you can accomplish a thorough kill in minimum time. You can eliminate poor jobs and do-overs.


A Fumiscope gives you these facts. It's an instrument, which accurately measures the concentration of fumigant gas in a space under fumigation. This space may be under a tarpaulin within a structure, ship or railroad car, or in a vault. With a Fumiscope, you know the exposure in ounces per 1000 cubic feet/GM3 that exists inside the space under fumigation. This information is supplied and corrections can be made while fumigation is in progress. Over-exposure is avoided, and fumigation is done effectively throughout every part of a job area.
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Simple to operate.

The fumscope version 5.1 is designed exclusively for fumigation work. In operation, it electrically pumps samples of air from the space being fumigated, into a sensing element. The concentration of fumigant gas in the air is shown on the digital display in ounces per 1000 cubic feet/GM3. Anyone who can read a digital watch can quickly make measurements with the Fumiscope. Two controls do all the adjusting. Air samples are collected through small tubes placed at critical spots prior to introducing the gas. You can place the tubes on one or more floors of a multistory structure over piles of grain on the inside of packages, etc. Tubes are extended to a convenient spot outside the fumigated area, gas is introduced, and readings taken periodically with the Fumiscope. You get continuous records of gas concentration at each tube inlet.

Most insects are destroyed at the concentrations and duration's of methyl bromide shown above. For example, 2 pounds per 1000 cubic feet/GM3 require a duration of 2 hours 5 ounces per 1000 cubic feet/GM3 require a duration of 20 hours, etc. With a Fumiscope, your knowledge of gas concentration is exact. You can tell when and where a complete kill is achieved.
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The Fumiscope is designed for plant and field use. Concentrations of several common fumigating gases may be easily measured over a wide range. The lighted digital display shows the concentration in ounces per 1000 cu. ft. directly. Many readings may be taken in rapid succession or the instrument may be used for continuous monitoring. Units are complete with electric pump, flow meter, flow adjustment, sensitive measuring elements, lighted digital display and power supply operating on 115 or 220 volt user selectable - all contained in a rugged Pelican case with a protective cover.
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Structural And Commodity Fumigation

The digital display on the version 5.1 Fumiscope makes reading gas concentrations, directly in ounces per 1000 cu. ft./GM3, much easier than trying to count and interpolate the lines on a conventional meter scale. The three digit lighted display indicates from 0 to 999 ounces per 1000 cu. ft./GM3 so that all useful concentrations of the fumigating gas may be read to the same accuracy, without switching scale ranges. The large digits may be easily read at any light level.

The version 5.1 Fumiscope will, with the flip of one switch, measure either methyl bromide or VIKANE from very low to very high concentrations. The Fumiscope may be calibrated to read other gases as well. The Fumiscope is normally powered from the 115 volt or 220 volt AC line. We also can supply an inverter to allow operation from a 12-volt battery.
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