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RDA Fumiscope

The RDA (Remote Data Acquisition) Fumiscope provides essentially the same function as the standard Fumiscope that Key Chemical has been building for years. That is, an instrument that measures the gas density of various fumigants in Ounces/1000 Cubic Feet/GM3.The difference is that the RDA model can be left at the structure that is being fumigated and remotely accessed via the standard telephone system or cell phone from a remote computer (called the host computer). In addition the RDA model can sample and test four independent test points as opposed to the standard model's single test point.

The main advantage of the RDA model is the ability to test from a remote location and to negate the necessity of an employee having to be present at the job site. If the structure has telephone and electric services then the instrument can use them. If the structure does not have electricity and phone service, the instrument can use a standard 400/600 volt/amp UPS and a modem-capable cell phone. The unit can also be direct connected using an RS232 cable. In addition, the program on the host computer stores the results of testing for review and reporting. For an additional fee, the program can be extended to automatically run tests on a specified schedule without human intervention.

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